Review: Bali Scarlett Wig

The very, very, very first wig I ever tried on was ordered from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Are they even around anymore??

Let’s Google them.

They are! Good for them.

The wig was cheap. It was around fifty dollars and, well, what did I expect for fifty dollars? Crossdressing takes time, patience, and money. I’ve learned that I need to INVEST in my look. I didn’t learn makeup without guidance and makeup lessons. My feet are not Barbie feet. They are not permanently arched making walking in stilettos as easy as can be. Makeup, heels… demanded practice and trial and error and learning from mistakes and (literal) missteps.

The wig was a disaster. It CRUSHED me. I had expectations of slipping it on and BAM, all of a sudden Elizabeth Hurley was in my mirror. I think I wore the wig for less than a minute and it went into the trash along with the packaging it arrived in.

It was not the magical experience I was expecting. In retrospect I expected too much out of it, especially for fifty dollars.

Discovering and coming into your look is a humbling and empowering journey. This wig killed any hope I ever had of being able to look femme.

Skipping ahead a few years, my wife and I looked over different styles online and soon I clicked “purchase” on a “proper” wig. No shade at Frederick’s of Hollywood, but there is a world of difference between a fifty dollar wig and wigs that cost hundreds of dollars. Different styles matter. Different blends, whether synthetic or heat resistant or human hair (or a mixture) will all create a different look. Different looks create different experiences. Different reactions.

My wig arrived and a few nights later my wife finished my makeup and soon It Was Time. I couldn’t help but flashback to my first wig and I was prepared for the worst. At the moment I had never felt and looked more femme. My makeup was done, I was wearing a blouse and a cute skirt, and of course, four inch black patent stilettos. The wig was the final puzzle piece.

On it went. And the Cinderella transformation I had been longing for finally happened. HE was gone. SHE was the reflection. I couldn’t stop staring. My wife gave me a supportive laugh and said she would meet me in the living room and would give me a little time with Hannah.

This was the second time I realized the transformative power of a wig. Thankfully this experience was an overwhelmingly positive one.

Over the years I’ve more or less committed to a similar style and color of my wigs. My natural hair is black so my wigs are black. The color matches my eyebrows and is less of a departure than if I were to go blonde.

But as I wrote in my last wig review for The Breast Form Store, getting out of your comfort zone can almost always be a good thing.

In addition to the Camila Wig my friends at The Breast Form store sent me to review, they also asked me to review their Bali Scarlett Wig. I was more than happy to do so.

If I have two tasks to do, I tend to get the more challenging one completed first. I get anxious about a lot of things and stepping out of my comfort zone can absolutely trigger my anxiety. The Camila Wig was a dark brown color and after a decade of black wigs this would be a new experience. I have friends who change up their wig colors and styles all the time but I don’t do this as easily as they do.

I modeled the Camila Wig first as I wanted to calm any anxiety related to something new as soon as I could. And yes, I know it’s silly to be nervous about a new wig color, but often times rationale and anxiety have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Luckily I loved the Camila Wig. It wasn’t the shocking change that I had expected. I received a lot of really nice emails and comments about it. You all are so nice. Thank you.

I changed my outfit when it was time for the Scarlett Wig. Since this wig was black I thought a darker dress would be a nice contrast to the dark brown hair/white leather dress look I chose for the first wig.

I slipped on the wig and styled it a little. I was happy by how little styling I needed do to. It was pre-styled and I loved how the hair framed my face. My head, my face is very square from most angles but the waves just tumbled down and reshaped my look into a softer, rounder, and yes, more feminine face.

Although this was a new look, it felt familiar and comfortable. The wavey locks were a departure from my normal straight hair, but the color helped my feel more like ME.

After a few headshots, it was time for a few more… spontaneous pictures. I quickly realized that this was another of those transformative wigs. The Frederick’s wig was a disaster. My first proper wig was a realization that maybe, just maybe I had potential. This wig absolutely deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as these other life-changing wigs.

And yes, I know I am being dramatic. But I bet you can relate.

I felt… flirty. I felt sexy. I felt like the prettiest girl at the party. I was feeling myself… I was feeling LIKE myself.

I mean, look how happy I am.

This wig WAS me. This wig IS me.

I think this is a very good look for me.

You can see the confidence I was feeling.

And that’s the point of a wig, I think. How it makes you FEEL.

Hair can be intimidating. It can require a whole new skill set when it comes to styling. I think that’s why I tend to wear synthetic hair since human hair wigs are harder to maintain and require more styling. This wig in particular has a pre-styled look that is flattering and (thankfully) minimizes the more masculine features my face has.

Love this wig. I love how this look makes me feel. It’s fun to strut out of your comfort zone but there’s nothing like finding a look that feels completely natural, completely authentic…. completely YOU.

Love, Hannah

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