Ask Hannah!

I am a male x dresser and want some x dresser training and some forced feminisation texts only please reply


I am never, ever, ever going to text anyone.

I do not think crossdressing is erotic.

I do not think forced feminization is ethical. Everything between people should absolutely be consensual.

I do not want to be involved in your kink.

I’m not a dominatrix, though I do dress like one

Love, Hannah

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One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Thank you for your great response!

    I am a proud transwoman who had her beliefs since childhood confirmed and fulfilled by gender affirming hormone treatments. No one needed to force the way I live my truth and it is definitely not erotic. It is just who I am.

    Personally, I believe that individuals who find crossdressing erotic or want forced feminization are what puts me at risk of life and limb everyday. The “trans haters” picture transwomen as kinky individuals who want to loiter around restrooms and youngsters’ playgrounds. I lead the same life most suburban housewives do with the exception of being married to a cisgender woman. Cooking, cleaning, yard work – that’s what I do. I wouldn’t mind forcing those on someone else 🙂

    Thanks again for putting it so succinctly. You’re a doll.

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