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My favorite thing to wear is a lacy slip. Today, if you look at the slips sold (full & half), they have almost no lace. Are there companies out there who still sell lacy slips? To me, if you are going to wear something as sexy as a nylon slip, the lace is important. Love to find more companies who sell lacy slips. If you have some suggestions, I would love to hear about them.

I don’t know of a specific website but searching for ‘lace slip’ on Amazon and ‘purchase lace slip’ on Google both yield options.

I am not a slip girl, but I absolutely can relate to loving sexy, subtle details on my lingerie. Yes, pink panties are essential, but the same pair of panties with a small fabric rose on the front? YES PLEASE.

This question reminded me it’s not uncommon for us to become intrigued by a very specific piece of clothing. It could be a slip or panties or gloves or almost anything else. In some ways an article of clothing can be… hm, a gateway garment. I remember being very young and seeing a mannequin in the lingerie department of a store and just becoming enamored by the beautiful bra with matching panty and garter belt. I was fascinated by the idea of wearing what was being modeled.

And the fascination never, ever ended. It was just the beginning.

I hope you find the perfect slip. I hope all of us find the panty, the dress, the heels we’ve been dreaming of.

Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I think the one item on my list that I just enjoy oh so much that well most cis women hate is a nice bra.
    Once I discovered breast forms all the better for that oh so girly look.
    I still struggle with right sizing though and yes I know some places will do bra sizing for girls like us but I’m not quite ready to do that


  2. For me it’s pink anything pink I fell down the pink rabbit hole bad and I absolutely adore pink dresses pink panties pink stiletto heels anything pink I love wearing women’s clothes as a man and soap in love with it I wear all women’s clothes even jeans I only have a few boy clothes left and I’m getting ready to throw them out


  3. Hannah: Many thanks for actually making this an article and responding! I did not expect this! I will do the searches you suggested. I tended to just search for full or half slips or lacy slips on Amazon and Google, rarely finding what I wanted, maybe adding lace slip will help. Illusions is one company that I have bought several full and half slips from. I have also bought from Secrets in lace as well, and I want to thank the person who responded. I am a lacy slip lover and own nearly 40 slips. Of that, less than 10 are full slips. Sadly HerRoom who I used to buy slips from and Shadowline now offer no lacy slips other than from Illusions, that meet my standards.
    I also want to wish everyone out there the all the best in finding the piece of lingerie that makes their day. Again, many thanks for responding!!!!!!!


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