Ask Hannah!

Hannah, any Indian cd sites and girls that you follow? I am a Crossdresser and am living full time with my wife and kids. Yes they have accepted and supported me for the last 19 years. But in India at 5ft 11in, I am fairly tall while in male clothing, but en femme, I am almost a giant. The average Indian woman is about 5 ft 5 in tall. So heels are a joke on me 

How wonderful to be accepted and supported by your family!

I check in on Indian CD Novel from time to time so you may want to start there. Additionally, have you considered starting your own blog? Girls like us all have a story to tell and a journey to share. 🙂

And please don’t let height stop you from wearing heels. I am a tiny bit over six feet tall and in North America (according to a three second Google search) the average cis woman is five feet, four inches.

So, I absolutely tower over most cis women regardless of which gender I am presenting as. I wear heels when I am en femme and God willing I always will. I am going to stand out even in flats so I may as well REALLY stand out and wear what I want.

Love, Hannah

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