It’s All About the Shoes

It’s super fun to plan an outfit for going out. Sometimes I look forward to wearing a new dress or deciding what to wear for a specific occasion, whether it’s running errands or something faaaaancy.

I like to wear an outfit that is appropriate what I will be doing or where I will be going. I’ve long stopped caring about being overdressed for where I am, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll wear a long glittery gown to the grocery store. I mean, I WOULD if I had to.

I don’t care about blending in. I mean, I never WILL blend in and I am 10000000% fine with that. If I wanted to blend in I would wear femme jeans and a cute top or leggings and a comfy hoodie while I go about my day. But I am forever a heels and dress girl and that is what I will wear.

When I plan an outfit I almost always start with my heels. My heels are usually selected based on what I will be doing, where I will be going, and how long I will be out. Let’s be honest, some heels do start to hurt after a couple of hours. I have some five inch platform stilettos that fit like a dream buuut I can only pull them off with certain outfits, like a black leather bodycon dress. This looks perfect for a club but most of my time out en femme is doing more everyday things.

The challenge is when I am doing two very different things in one day. I might spend the afternoon shopping but have dinner plans at a very nice restaurant later in the day. It’s so fun to dress up, and I mean REALLY dress up, for dinner but it’s probably not the same outfit I would wear to the mall.

Last week was a perfect example of this. The first half of my day was a makeover, coffee, running errands, and dropping into a few thrift stores. The second half was a yoga class. Both halves would have very different outfits.

And can I just jump in and say how fun it is to be a girl? How fun is it to have so many clothes options for all the things we can do in a day?

I mean, I suppose the fun and magic would wear off a little if I was en femme full-time but I just am so in love with the possibilities that each day, each adventure has.

When I started to dream about what I would wear for the day I knew that what I wore for yoga was not going to be what I wore for the first part of the day. For yoga I went shopping for a sports bra (goodness do they hold the girls in, lol) and pink (obviously) leggings.

I know I COULD run errands in a t-shirt and leggings BUT I wear a t-shirt and leggings at home so where’s the fun in that? I know I would blend in better in an outfit like that but blending in isn’t important to me.

(I also don’t think I COULD blend in, not matter what I wear.)

So, I knew what I would wear for the second part of my day, but what about the first part? I’ll get to that in a moment but when I am running around town I tend to select heels that are on the more practical side. My go-to shoes are black with a two-inch heel. Not as sexy as other options but still cute.

Yoga would be the last thing I did that day so I knew I could drive home wearing my yoga outfit, but what shoes would I wear? It would look a LITTLE silly wearing heels with my pink leggings. I COULD have also picked up a pair of cute sneakers to match my yoga outfit BUT if I am going to spend $40 on shoes they are going to be strappy and stiletto-y and impractical.

I knew I would be changing back into the outfit I wore to yoga, the same outfit I wore during the first part of my day. I almost always wear stockings with my corset when I am en femme but I didn’t think I would want to put them on after yoga. I know I COULD have skipped the stockings but… I would feel off without them. I mean, my bra ALWAYS matches my panties, my cami ALWAYS matches my panty… there are things I just HAVE to wear, and stockings are on that list.

I decided that tights are easier to put on and would be better for after yoga as opposed to stockings. So far I had my heels and hosiery sorted but had the rest of my outfit to plan. The weather for the day was going to be just as contrasting as my outfits were going to be. Sunny and warm in the morning, rainy and dreary in the afternoon. I wouldn’t need a coat (it’s been a chilly spring) but I would need a cardigan.

I tend to think that cardigans look better with a skirt than with a dress, so I decided on that. If I am wearing a skirt with a single color, I usually pair it with a blouse or a bodysuit with a pattern. If the skirt isn’t a single color, then my top will be.

Of course, the skirt would need to look cute with black tights. I love leather miniskirts but I prefer to have beige stockings with leather skirts and dresses. Black tights meant I’d have to select a different skirt than leather. I picked a cute floral skirt, paired it with a black top and duster cardigan, and I was set for the day.

I hope I looked cute in both of the day’s outfits. I felt cute, at any rate.

As I ended my day I couldn’t help but reflect on how what I wore all came down to my shoes and how often my outfits are determined by my heels.

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “It’s All About the Shoes

  1. I am also a heel person, I wear them each day. Also on weekends. Even in my male mode I used to walk in them on the streets (with women pants, of course, or in a skirt) and I really love to go to my workplace in them. And then I use a 2-2.5 inch heel, also cute, for longer walking. I have also 4 inch heels, but they can be used only at parties…


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