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Representation is important. It’s crucial and comforting to know there are others like us.

The search terms that are used to find my website are enlightening and can help influence what I post about. The most frequent terms are along the lines of “how to crossdress”. Knowing this I try to post about techniques and building confidence.

When I was in college and had access to the internet for the first time, I started to look online for ANYTHING about crossdressing. I mostly found articles that tended to focus primarily on sex and dressing as a fetish. I rarely came across websites that I could identity with. I wanted to see if there were others like myself, those who wore lingerie but not because it was a kink to them.

As my gender identity evolved I still came up empty-handed when I looked for others like myself that I could relate to. It seemed that most websites were (still) very fetishy or focused on transitioning. I wasn’t looking for either of these ends of the spectrum, if you will.

These experiences were one of the reasons I started a website. I wanted to see if there were others like me. And it turns out there are! More than I could ever dream.

Compared to twenty years ago, I think there are a lot of websites like mine, there are still a lot of websites for those who crossdress as a kink and a lot of resources available for those who are transitioning.

But what about the rest of the non-binary community?

Based on emails that I get and and search terms that are used to find my website, I am reminded that there is still a lack of representation for many of us. There are many, many nuances when it comes to identifying as non-binary. Many of us don’t really fall into a demographic that has a voice.

Do you feel that way? Do know what I mean?

There are some search terms that lead to my website and I think to myself that I am not a helpful representation for that demographic and I wonder where the person who searched those words could go for resources or help, friends, or support.

Some search terms that are used where I feel I am not much use for include “crossdress sissy”, “crossdress humiliation”, “I want to feminize my husband”, for example.

There are probably countless websites that have a very sexual and fetishy approach to these (and other) terms.

But as a crossdresser, I know that there’s not always a kinky reason that we do what we do.

If you feel underrepresented, tell me. If you love to dress in sissy clothes but are frustrated that you only find fetishy websites out there, tell me. I would be happy to post about your experiences.

It feels frustrating to be misunderstood. As a crossdresser most of the world assumes I wear what I wear for sexual reasons. I know it’s not true. Many of you know this isn’t true for yourself.

So, if you like it when your man wears a dress or if you enjoy dressing like a schoolgirl for non-sexual reasons, please email me. I would love for you to have some representation.

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “Your Voice

  1. One thing I’m learning as an ally and in the interviews for my site is that I must always be open to each person’s place on their own journey. One member of the community, who is transmasculine (MK Strohman) told me that he is always open to hearing “no, that’s not how I want to be described/whatever” – that this is truly a diverse community.

    And in my recent interview with Alex, Sienna, and Jasmine, the young people talked about how they often don’t find acceptance from the straight/cis community or some members of the LGBTQ community, if they aren’t quite fitting into some prescribed box. I wish we could evolve to where labels and boxes are just not a thing any more.

    Thank you, Hannah, for being a voice for all the people who need a voice, even if their voice is not exactly like your voice! I’m very glad I found your site.

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  2. hello and wow so true about looking for web sites about cross dressing. there was not much to find years ago but know there is plenty to see. and i thought i was alone is this world of cross dressing, i was wrong when i found this site and joined up. crossdressing Heaven. thank God this site was made up and designed for cross dressers to come out of the closet on computer and join and find that they are not alone. I was able to come with terms with my cross dressing. i love wearing what society calls female cloths. dresses, skirts, nylons panties, bra, make up, earrings. when i dress up i feel like a different person and my male side is not here. i am all female and getting dressed up like one. the clothing feels so much more comfortable to wear and fits very nice on my feminine figure. i have more female cloths then male cloths and even dress up in female cloths first, when i go out to see friends’ i would put on my boring male cloths over them so they would not se i am wearing female cloths for like i said society is not ready for the cross dressing people, well where i live No. if society would just mind their own business and not say words to me i would dress up and go out shopping, see friends’, do things out side and enjoy the freedom of being the person i want to be. for we are here on this planet visiting so we must enjoy the time we have here doing what we like to do. woman cross dress every day and nothing is said about that, that is a good thing for them , but when a man wears a dress or skirt and blouse and all that and not pass as a female then he would be crucified. well thank you for reading my post and thank you Hannah Mcknight for posting this.

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  3. There is no doubt there are many of us who don’t fit into what most would think of when they think of a guy in a dress or bra and panties
    Like you say those who just assume we are all kinky and strange don’t understand we are just trying to live our lives the best way we can being who we are. Yes I believe most are born this way and while there may be a cultural influence aspect we are hard wired at some point to be a bit more fem
    Me yes I thought about transition but did not and I settled on being non binary/gender fluid and it really works for me
    Do I have a kink side yes but non sexual mostly and really it’s not clothes that turn me on it’s the situation that I want to be in that does, but that would be for another sub set of folks and not girls like us.
    I appreciate your site here because it is open honest and does show the side of girls like us are just who we are and most definitely don’t want to be sexualized
    Thanks Hannah

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  4. Hi Hannah, It’s Lily again, great post today , every day I enjoy opening my email to see what you have in store for us today. And you never let us down so keep it up and I’m sure it’s exhausting but you have thousands of us desperately needing this resource. I wanted to share some news, first of all if I had only discovered your site years ago and begun learning what I have recently (then I wouldn’t have been in this predicament) but in the end it has been amazing and things couldn’t be better now. So as I have have mentioned previously, Lily has been my deepest secret, Which Nobody knew about, carrying that burden alone & by myself, well recently I came out to a couple of people which was a relief, i unfortunately did something not wise and entered into a committed relationship a couple of years ago and did not disclose this part of me to my partner , frankly because I was not sure how , was afraid , didn’t have the tools, and countless other reasons …….. so about two weeks ago I was in dressed in boy clothes but had my bra and panties on (as usual) and my partner (fiancé) saw the panties , this was on a Saturday afternoon….. she didn’t say a word up until Monday evening, we had the talk , things were bad really bad……, but then the following Saturday we met and had a SUPER serious open, honest and loving conversation and worked things out! Our life is back on track, she knows EVERYTHING, including Lily’s name I’m dancing on air…… we are talking about marriage again, she suggested we go get mani/pedi‘s together, and she even helped shave my chest , because she also likes the clean smooth look. I shared showing some of my clothes with her , she accepts me wearing my Evelyn & Bobbies Defy camisole (which if your not aware of has a built in bra) daily under my boy clothes . I wish this could happen for all the rest of our dear comrades, but that probably is unrealistic, what I want to stress is it’s unbelievably important to be open and honest with those you love. And I failed at that …… but after finding you and learning from you, it was important for me to address and fix this, she just beat me to it!! I hope and pray the rest of the world can catch up and people can just be full of love ! I also have gotten into therapy to help figure out a few things, and lastly my girl is onboard with the last thing I need to do which is fully dress En Femme and get my make up done, this will happen in the next month or two for the first time ever , she is supportive and agrees it needs to happen. I couldn’t be happier and just wanted to share this with the people that are special and important to me ……. And your high on that list. So thanks for all you do and the inspiration you are e to so many. Love Lily Sent from my iPhone


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