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I am planning a short trip to Las Vegas and I was wondering if you know of any hotels which a lot of t-girls stay?

Sounds super fun!

But I have no idea. I’ve only been to Las Vegas once and that was in male mode. I don’t know if there is a specific hotel that t-girls stay in.

Are there any t-girls out there who can give suggestions (about hotels or other attractions) where a girl like us can go in Vegas? Please leave a comment!

Love, Hannah

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6 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. There is a transformation service in Las Vegas called Just You that appears to have good reviews. I’m sure they would be happy to recommend a hotel.


  2. Hello all,
    Any of MGM properties are great. I recently returned and spent four nights as my fem self and every property was very accommodating. We stayed at Delano and visited many restaurants, shows and casinos on the strip without any problems. Before heading to Vegas I checked with many of the properties about crossdressing and restrooms I could use. MGM properties are very accommodating.


  3. Vegas is a great place to go out as a tgirl. As you know the saying is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
    I’ve been there several times and had a makeover at the Sephora on the strip, went to a couple of shows en fem and there are no issues
    In Vegas they have seen it all and they don’t blink an eye.

    As far as places to stay I will say my favorite one is Paris but there are other places that are fairly equal to there.
    Have fun and just be you


  4. I don’t have any personal T experience in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, I do note that two previously-postponed annual T events there will be re-started in 2022. Wild Side Las Vegas 2022 will be May 16-21. Diva Las Vegas 2022 will be in October.

    Perhaps searching their websites, or contacting the events’ organizers, will offer leads on T-friendly contacts, services, accommodations, entertainments, etc.


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