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How important to you is it to have a femme surname? I have always felt that there was something missing when I am dressed to the 9s. You are Hannah McKnight and I can only assume that this so far removed from your real name. I went back through our family history and found a really lovely lady, again her name is far removed from my male name I feel safe to use it. Since then I feel so much more of a real woman when dressed????

My femme name, like my presentation, came more or less organically. It also came out of necessity. When I started to interact on social media, particularly on forums like, I needed to register under a name and also have an email address tied to my account.

For obvious reasons I didn’t want to have ANYTHING related to my girl life associated with my boy life, not even an email address. So, I created a separate email address for my pink side of my world which I used for social media stuff. In what I felt was a very clever moment of inspiration, I choose the name Hannah Gotta.

My femme last name wasn’t ever really ‘Gotta’. I liked the name Hannah but I needed to have SOMETHING to put in the “last name” field when I created an email account. I chose “Hannah Gotta” as it (sort of) rhymed with “onnagata” the Japanese word for male actors who play women’s roles in Japanese Kabuki theatre. Eventually I felt I needed a proper last name and I decided on McKnight.

Having a femme first and last name does make me feel… hm, a little more real, if you know what I mean. I like getting emails addressing me as Ms. McKnight. I am bi-gender so I have two very distinct worlds in terms of clothes, friends, and everything else. It just makes sense for this duality to extend to a name.

Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I started my journey with a “femme” surname, I went with “Joyce”

    Over time I have grown to love talia to the extent I’ve reverted to my birth families name for her.

    She gets my real original Surname because she’s the real me

    Welcome Talia Child

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  2. When I started crossdressing, I soon decided that I needed an en-femme name and settled on Gerry Lynn.

    It is laughable and retrospectively ludicrous now but I merely took the word ‘Lingerie’ and … well, you get the idea with that.

    Then, probably after some time, I realised the ridicularity of it. I saw it as disrespectful, almost a parody but unintentionally placed of course.

    Before I learned that I could change my Twitter account name, the impulsive within wiped away the history in an instance by deleting the account.

    I knew/remembered that, had I have been born a girl, my mother would have called me Fiona so it was both a natural and obvious choice. I don’t use it but I did keep the Lynn name at the end just to finish it off.

    Fiona is a very big but necessarily secret and covert part of my life.


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