Revisiting In-Between

The other day I posted that I was feeling very ambitions and scared and frustrated and that I wanted to do MORE. I am not sure EXACTLY what MORE means, but I suppose it just means doing more of what I love to do and if there’s something I want to do en femme, I had better do it now.

It also means it’s time for the next step in my book.

Yes, I forgot I wrote a book, too.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I haven’t forgotten, it’s always been sitting in the far corner of my hard drive. I think of it often. It’s not unlike the elliptical machine that you bought that you know you should use but you just can’t stop hanging clothes on.

The book is mostly a collection of some of the writings that have been posted on my website and have gone through multiple edits and rewrites and tweaks (all under the expert eye and unlimited encouragement and nudging of my friend).

The publishing world is an intimidating beast and it’s unlikely my little book will be on the shelves of a Barnes and Noble, but a girl can dream, right?

I am in the process of submitting my book to literary agents and I am hoping that someone will take me as a client. If that happens, they in turn will pitch the book to appropriate publishers. And then MAYBE, just maybe the book will exist in the real world and not just on my laptop.

So! If anyone has any suggestions or connections or ideas when it comes to publishing, my inbox is open. 😉

Love, Hannah

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