Bless this Mess and Bless this Dress, and this Dress and this Dress and…

So! We are moving. Don’t worry, I am, and will always be a MN T-Girl but it’s time for a new house.

Life is stressful enough as it is especially now but adding preparing an entire building to look presentable to sell and trying to find a buyer and transition everything we own into a new building just adds to the AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH of everything.

Selling and buying a home has a zillion little things to do from fixing things and finding a realtor and the mortgage stuff of course but there’s also the PACKING. And for a t-girl that hearts clothes, this takes on a ginormous challenge.

Annnnd a little heartbreaking, maybe? I love opening my closet and seeing all my pretty clothes, the same clothes that I had been dreaming of for my entire life but they, along with everything else I own, had to be packed and moved into storage for a few weeks.

Last night I reluctantly opened my closet and got to work. And I knew this, you knew this, my wife knew this, but goodness I have a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes.

It took about an hour to do this and I think I could have done this quicker had I not stopped to look at almost every dress and remember the first time I wore it or what I wore it to. I don’t think of myself as a sentimental person but perhaps I am.

Of course I kept a few things unpacked such as my lingerie, outfits for next week’s photo shoot, and a few other items, but for the most part everything is boxed up.

As I took my dresses and skirts and tops and bodysuits off their hangers, I felt an enormous amount of gratitude. I feel blessed to have the life, the wife that I have. I feel fortunate that I overcame anything and everything that held me back from accepting and embracing who I am.

It’s easy to look around our home and feel overwhelmed by the mess that moving and home repairs came bring. But it’s important to take a moment to reflect on how fortunate someone can be to even own a home, own a dress, to have a life they love.

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “Bless this Mess and Bless this Dress, and this Dress and this Dress and…

  1. Hanna – your site is one of the very best in ALL the world I have ever been to – saw your articles on the en femme store site. Everything you write is so realistic and truthful. Reminds me of one of my best long term friends site – – with over 5,000 hits each month – about the best TG site of all. Like yours – she does not profit in any way from her site – only to help our TG community. If you visit her site – you will see her only endorsement of any CD – male to female dressing services place to go. I believe my life is aboiut identical to your life. I am married to an incredible wife – with kids etc – live in Tampa area. Immigrated to USA long time ago – successful male career. Owned for mamy years the # 1 nightclub in all central Florida – the Pleasuredome in Ybor City / Tampa with the best drag show in all USA – but wide open to everyone. Was also the Head Judge of the Miss Florida FI drag pageant in Miami for 10 years – this was the #2 drag pageant in all USA.
    Our web site and business as below is far beyond a small business – we are here to assist our TG community – help guests with make up etc. – my wife is a incredibel cosmotologist. I plan to email you soon. Deborah


  2. Wishing you all the very best with the move, Hannah. And yes, my goodness, don’t we TGirls have a lot of stuff and a lot of memories with each and every item! Sue x


  3. Just wishing you good luck with your home move. It’s a big job – but am sure you will not regret all the work.
    Just read your article on places to go to that are trans friendly – loved the well written article and comments. For me out shopping for female clothes – when approached by anyone sales person asking if I need help – I just reply ” I am looking for pretty dresses for someone exactly my size – do you know what I mean ? “. I have never ever had a problem.
    LOVE YOUR WEB SITE – and all your articles.
    Reason – it is one of the few that advises truthfully how I am sure most CD’s feel about their lifestyle.


  4. Hi Hannah,
    I share your pain and pleasure as I have just been through the same thing not once but twice in the past year,

    I had to donate a portion of my wardrobe on my wife’s orders (I think she was peeved that I had more clothes than she did). It was hard choosing what to keep and what had to go I hope you don’t have to go through the same harrowing experience LOL

    Higs Trixy


  5. Moving has always left me with mixed emotions. The voluntary moves with a mix of excitement for what lay ahead and nostalgia for the memories earned at the place left behind. The involuntary moves were precipitated by divorce, remain associated with painful memories.

    I’m glad to hear you’re move is intentional, with plenty of room for all those clothes you’ve packed away, and for all the new memories you are about to create.


  6. There’s no shame in being sentimental about a skirt, blouse, etc. I have things that have been in my closet for seemingly forever, and for remembrance of where I wore them or how they made me feel when I wore them, I’ve kept them all this while. Enjoy the gratitude you have in owning and wearing them, and in the setting where you get to wear them. Good luck on your move!


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