Fifty Shades of Pink


I am losing my mind with everything in my life. Between the bigger than typical stress and chaos at my job and selling a house and buying a new house and every little thing that goes along with everything else I am amazed I haven’t had a breakdown yet but I suppose the day is still young.

Just a quick note to let ya’ll know that I am still here (as much as I can be mentally) and I should hopefully have some more time this weekend to post a pending review and something a little more introspective.

But I had a very small moment this morning when I realized that sometimes, sometimes, things work out.

There are the BIG things right now, such as trying to coordinate closing on our current home and closing on the new home and making sure all the bank stuff is taken care of. But then are the small things.

The MN T-Girls are strutting our stuff again next weekend for our monthly outing and I spend time daydreaming about what I will wear and what heels I’ll pair my outfit with. Superficial and shallow I know, but I never said I wasn’t.

With almost every dress and stiletto I own sitting in a storage… thing at the moment I don’t have access to my wardrobe. I have a few dresses and a few pairs of shoes still in my closet that I wore for my most recent photo shoot so I decided to just plan an outfit around what heels I had that weren’t locked up.

I have a cute pair of pink t-strap heels that I don’t know why I don’t wear more often.

Here’s what they look like!

They are pinker than they appear in the photo. 🙂

Anyway, I used my inability to access my wardrobe as an excuse to buy a new dress. I found a cute one online and I wondered if the pink in the dress would match the pink in the heels. I mean, there are fifty shades of pink and I know it’s not important at all but I hoped that the pink in the heels and the pink in the dress more or less matched each other.

The dress arrived and it passed the first test: it fit.

Thankfully (again, it’s not important) it also passed the second test of the pinks complimenting each other.

The big things working out is important, but the small things count, too.

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Pink

  1. Hannah – hang in there – life is to short to be all stressed out. YOU are a strong girl – just look ahead at your future new home – and getting your female wardrobe re organized and ready for you to get female dressed again. Sure wish I could join you at your next T girl meeting. Deborah.


  2. Hannah,
    You are remarkable to be able to accomplish even a short post, while moving and closing on two real estate transactions. Thank you for sharing your busy life with those of us who enjoy reading your posts. I have been trying to understand gender and how males express inclinations to do female gender expressions since the 1980’s with a tolerant wife and grown children who understand I feel blessed. One of these days I hope to write up my observations. You are always “in the pink.” as far as I am concerned.


  3. Good luck with everything, Hannah. Things are meant to work out and I’m sure this period of stress will end with you feeling happy you’ve accomplished a lot. It’s the little things, like matching pinks, that keep us sane! Sue x


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