Hellbent on Poly/Lycra

I THINK it’s Judas Priest that has a song called ‘Hellbent on Leather’ but I am too lazy and disinterested to Google it to find out.

I heart leather but I also love anything tight and shiny and leatherish. This can include latex and vegan leather and, like this sexy number from En Femme, a blend of polyester and lycra.

It sounds so… unsexy to describe a dress like this with the word ‘polyester’ but it is what it is, lol.

This is the final outfit I am posting from my most recent photo shoot… just in time for the NEXT one this Saturday.

I hope you like this dress and these photos!

Love, Hannah

5 thoughts on “Hellbent on Poly/Lycra

  1. Enjoy your wild side. With Halloween coming perhaps a little goth in your next photo shoot? The picture with a mirror is one of your best and most enjoyable.


  2. It’s hellbent 🎵🎤 hellbent for,,, leather 🎼🎶🥁🎸 I am also finding myself liking very much the look/Style of,,, leather/pvc, 0utfits / skirt/dresses/ tight looking 👀 leggings👠🔥✅👍 by the way U look good/Nice wearing leather 🚺🚻 Kara 👠


  3. How many T-Girls does it take to change a lightbulb? Four – one to change the bulb, and three to take pictures of the event. But that is OK – take/post all the photos you want!


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