Flower Power

Let’s continue the love for The Breast Form Store, shall we?

I think almost every dress, every stiletto, everything in my closet (or in my storage… still unpacking all of my clothes after the move…) has a story. Some are more interesting than others.

Shopping can be cathartic. It’s not unusual for me to buy an outfit BECAUSE of SOMETHING.

“I’m having a good day! Let’s buy a dress to celebrate!”

“I’m having a bad day! Let’s buy a dress to turn things around!”

“It’s Tuesday! Let’s buy a dress!”

And so on. It usually doesn’t take much.

A few months ago I finished a very annoying day at work and had to run some very annoying errands I had been putting off. I was feeling kinda bitchy about EVERYTHING. I get a lot of emails from my favorite websites announcing sales or new products and The Breast Form Store added some new dresses to their site.

The accompanying photo in their email showed a Very Cute Dress with a pair of pink heels. It was like… this email was made for me. An outfit can often inspire a moment that I want to have. After an annoying day at work this outfit made me want to get dolled up and spend the day en femme and take a break from angry bosses and pointless daily reports.

I ordered the dress from the parking lot of one of the places I was running an errand to and a few days later this cute dress was delivered.

I had an upcoming photo shoot (big shock, right?) but between my makeover and when I had to be at the studio I did a little shopping (another big shock!) and guess what?? This dress + shopping was exactly what I needed. And yes, I paired it with pink heels.

I wish I could wear this dress forever.

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Pretty woman presentation with the look of summer. The short hem and your curvy legs are most admirable. Those pink classic pumps are so sexy.


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