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Do you think high heels is a strong reason to males to dress as females?

I think there are a lot of reasons some of us present en femme. For some, myself included, it’s an expression of my gender identity. For others, it’s a fetish. And of course, there are countless reasons in-between those two.

I do believe in “gateway” clothes. Clothes, be it lingerie or stilettos, that open up our minds and worlds to something else, something new. An item that unlocked something in us that made us look at it differently, that made us reflect on who we really are.

I knew there was something about me that was different than others as I grew up. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t trying on femme clothes whenever I had the opportunity. This desire grew over time and hitting new levels in my teen years. In high school my friends would comment how hot a girl in our class looked in her prom dress. I would also think she was pretty… but I was also focused on how badly I wanted to wear the same dress.

For me it was lingerie. Lingerie was NEVER “just underwear”. It was never just what girls wore under their clothes. It was sensual, beautiful, and captivating. It was elaborate, delicate, and intimate. I would see mannequins in department stores modeling nightgowns or women modeling Basques in a Victoria’s Secret catalog and I was forever changed. Yes, the women were beautiful but oh, how badly I wanted to wear what she was wearing.

So yes, I absolutely think that high heels (and anything else) can have the same impact on someone.

Love, Hannah

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3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Right there with you on lingerie! Lingerie has always been sensual, beautiful, and captivating, elaborate, delicate, and intimate to me.

    That very first Vanity Fair powder blue panty girdle with the tulip front panel and the satin back panel blew Pandora’s Box wide open for me.

    And so did the first pair of nylons I ever pulled over my young legs.

    Same with that first double-layer nylon tricot baby doll nightly I wore.

    And, ALL of this very, very pre-pubescent! I was nine year old when I discovered how wonderful lingerie could e.


  2. Yes to wearing HEELS👠 for {ME} it’s just 1 part of a reason why I dress-up & want to become/Act-0ut as being a Woman🚻 🚺 ✅ &,,,, U mentioned a little about undergarments,,, oh, my,,,, Goodness🔥 to wear [ Stockings ] those & wearing either a open bottom girdle or garderbelt & or a Corset❗️I can’t remember at the moment that I haven’t ever gotten dressed without wearing all that foundation along with maybe a longline bra I can keep on going on but this is,,, your Blog lol & speaking of blogs I have a new idea of what I’m going to write a little in a future blog post on my site,,, so stay tuned,,, a nice blog you have Hanna👍


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