Not Quite a Centerfold…

…but it’s still a thrill! I am so excited and honored to be featured in the newest issue of Transliving magazine!

What’s in the next issue of Transliving Magazine (Issue 77)? Here’s a taste:
🔹 Tina Martin does photos in the style of Princess Diana
🔹 TEAMM8 introduce their new range of gender-neutral leisure wear
🔹 Kirsty reviews the annual Sparkle celebration in July
🔹 Cindi & Nicola review a day out at the races attending Brighton Ladies’ Day with a party of girls (and Richard!)
🔹 We find out about trans-model Stefania Bonomo’s experience as one of twenty women competing to be signed as a leading transgender model for the Slay Models agency
🔹 Nina Jay tells us about her experience as a Whitby virgin
🔹 Rebecca George gives advice on building a capsule wardrobe
🔹 Brucey interviews transman River
🔹 There are pictures of the beautiful Danielle Thomas, Emma and Hannah McKnight.
🔹 Shona is Supergirl

🔹 Readers’ photos and accounts of pride events

And so much more!

Love, Hannah

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