Polka Dots and Shallow Thoughts

My goodness I am running behind on posting pictures from my most recent photo shoot.

I am going to arbitrarily choose an outfit to post today. Should I select the leather dress? Lingerie? Something that is more modest?

Oh, let’s go with polka dots.

When Shannonlee sends over photos, I sort them by outfit into separate folders. I usually don’t look at them tooooo closely until I am ready to post them here or on Flickr and then eventually on Twitter.

I know pink is considered to be very girly and I don’t think you can get more feminine than lingerie, but I don’t feel there is a pattern (maybe besides houndstooth?) that is more femme than polka dots.

Now that I am looking at these pictures a little more closely I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever felt more feminine than these photos make me feel.

Next week I become another year older and with each passing day I get closer to fifty. In our youth-obsessed culture it’s not unusual to feel that once you leave your twenties that the days of looking and feeling beautiful are behind you. If I am being honest (and maybe shallow) I feel… well, I feel I look really beautiful here. I think I look better than I did ten years ago.


There is no standard for femininity. I’ve received countless emails from t-girls who tell me they have never felt more femme than when they are in modest makeup and leggings. I am a dress and stiletto girl but I have worn more casual clothes en femme for photo shoots and although I was in pants I was very surprised by how feminine I felt. It’s all about how your outfit makes you feel.

I hope you have a beautiful day.

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Shallow Thoughts

  1. I love polka dots. Your dress is so beautiful and the shoes are to die for. You look great and I love seeing your smile. Thanks for sharing.



  2. hey Hannah,

    you’ll be shallow all you want, we love you you sure do have a knack for picking outfits that emphasize you’re strong shoulders

    To me, there’s nothing more attractive than a strong, confident, smart woman

    ie You


  3. Oh, my, what a lovely outfit! Girl, that dress is to die for. Shoes? Perfect!
    I have the perfect matching bra and panty set I could wear under that.


  4. Hi Hannah, Yes! Polka dot clothes are fabulous. I love them. I am ‘older’ yet I too feel more comfortable and confident about my appearance en femme than when I was younger. You look really, really good! Your refined sense of fashion is spot on. I also like sophisticated, and elegant, with short skirts. Wouldn’t it be just so wonderful if we could wiggle our nose, like Samantha in ‘Betwitched’ and voila, be…..well, just what we would want to be. Enjoy the good things that happen…….fingers crossed for the mid-term elections……Best to you, Marissa in Ohio


  5. Stunning look and presentation. Shannon Lee is a complete artist in the creativity she brings out in you. Love your look always.


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