Overdressed and Overthinking

Okay girls, three outfits left to show you from my most recent photo shoot.

Of the the several that remain, this little number is the… hm, most modest of them but when you see the last two, that’s not saying much.

Whenever I have a shoot I choose a dress to wear to the studio. This dress is the one I will wear to my makeover appointment, getting coffee, or doing a little shopping if I have time. It’s not uncommon to have sexy outfits picked out for the shoot itself, like leather or something more revealing. Sometimes I’ll have an evening gown.

What I mean is that not every outfit I’ve selected is not really appropriate for running errands before the photo shoot.

So, I have to make sure I have a dress picked out for a little running around before the shoot. I don’t try to blend in, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I will try to stand out. I will, by default, stand out.

To clarify, I will stand out because I am a Very Tall Transgirl. Not because I am OMG I AM SO GORGEOUS LIKE WHY WOULDN’T I STAND OUT.

When I am just popping into a few stories I want to make wear something that is appropriate. I am, more than likely overdressed but being overdressed isn’t the same thing as wearing something that is out of place.

After all, Oscar Wilde said you can never be overdressed or overeducated.

Likewise, if I am going out after the shoot, I need to make sure I have an outfit that is appropriate for whatever I am up to next. If I am not going out, then I just drive home (and praying I don’t get pulled over) in whatever leather dress or evening gown that I wore as the final outfit for the shoot.

This recent photo shoot had it’s share of cute dresses but only two would work for errands before the shoot and for meeting the T-Girls after the shoot. I chose a red dress and sparkly heels for after, and below is the dress I wore for running around before I had to be at the studio.

It wasn’t a hard decision. It was kind of by default. My other choices was a tight leather dress, a very pink dress which would look a little out of place at a coffee shop, and a dress that would work but the heels I wanted to pair with it tend to hurt after a little bit and weren’t a good fit for shopping.

This dress is cute and I like it a lot, but what prompted me to buy it was that it was perfect for a pair of heels that I own that I don’t wear as much as I would like.

My only reservation about this outfit is that it MIGHT be a LITTLE too matchy-matchy. I mean, both the dress and heels are black AND white so it may be a little too much. Adding a pink belt might have brought a needed pop of color to this outfit.

But life is short. Wear what you want. Wherever you want.

Love, Hannah

10 thoughts on “Overdressed and Overthinking

  1. Your dress and heels do go well not just with each other but with the photo setting. Yes, they stand out in black and white, but they blend in so well with the surroundings. As for “wearing whatever you want wherever you want to,” that’s a good attitude; it’s certainly what I adhere to and what every crossdresser should in some way or form. Kudos to you, Hannah. 🙂


  2. Naww, as I mentioned earlier, you look fantastic in that lovely dress. The shoes match conservatively well but if you wanted a pop of color, perhaps a pair of blue suede pumps? 😉


  3. I have a soft spot for the fit and flare style as I think it is easily the most flattering on everyone. That is an exceptionally lovely example and you wear it well. When I go out, I try to put together outfits that are appropriate to my age and the weather. Sometimes, despite the plummeting temperatures, I’ll wear something more “spring” and just throw a pretty, colorful overcoat over it. It takes more than below freezing temps and a breeze to get me out of a crepe dress with sheer stockings and heels and put me in a wool skirt with tights and boots. Other times I’ve gone out in something “evening” or “cocktail” appropriate during the day just because I feel like it. I certainly am further away from “blending in” but I really don’t care. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gone to an evening gala en drab and I’ve felt sad looking all the women in delicate lovely dresses and wondering why I don’t get to participate in femme culture. I will not be excluded!


  4. Hi Hannah,
    Thank you for these wonderful blog posts! I, and I am sure many, many others, love to hear about, and see, what you are doing out and about.
    Your photo shoot posts are terrific. I always like seeing what you wore and how the photos turned out.
    For today’s post, the black and white dress, the white field with black leaves and branch images, is to die for! The first of the photos, where you are standing next to the fireplace, is absolutely perfect. The grey chair in the background brings the blacks and the whites together as an ambience bonus.
    I don’t find your black and white shoes and the black and white dress to be too ‘matchy’ at all. This is such good fun.
    Marissa in Ohio


  5. Certainly when out and about people must be attracted to you. Must hear about the interactions with complementing females and horny roosters. Great admirer of yours to present in public in a convincing fashion.


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