It’s my birthday!

And what do we do on birthdays (besides reflecting on another year passed or dreading what is to come or having an existential crisis)? Well, if you’re lucky you can unwrap a present!

In celebration of my birthday I would like to post the last set of pictures from my most recent photo shoot. And yes! They are lingerie shots to go along with the unwrapping metaphor.

Unwrapping? Undressing? Let’s just go with it.

And yes! Not very introspective but I’m working on a lot of thoughtful entries at the moment so I am giving my brain a little break from serious thinking and just indulging in my love for pretty lingerie.

Love, Hannah

14 thoughts on “Unwrapping

  1. Dear Hannah,
    What an interesting and attractive set of pictures.
    Have a very blessed birthday this year and many more.


  2. Hi Hannah,
    Happy Birthday! I have come to think of birthdays (at least mine) as pretty silly things. I don’t care about the day that I was born, the date that occurs once a year. BUT, to take that day as a socially accepted reason to get (go and get for yourself even) a ‘gift’, then for sure enjoy that.
    This year I did not get any birthday gifts, since I said I didn’t want any, and that was fine, but I decided to get myself a gift of a really nice leather skirt. (to add to my collection of about twelve leather skirts!). So there, happy birthday to me.
    Your photo shoot photos are elegant and very well done.
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Marissa in Ohio


  3. Sensuous and delightful. Love your high cheek bones and arches of your feet. Enjoy sharing your presentation of intimate wear. Thanks, for letting us share your journey of a discovered love for lingerie.


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