Rebel, Sweetheart

Goodness this website has had some heavy topics lately, hasn’t it?

When I started my first website alllll those years ago I wanted to celebrate this side of us. I wanted to talk about how amazing and fun crossdressing and presenting en femme is. I love reading about the lives and journeys of other t-girls. I can relate and empathize when they often talk about their fears and doubts and frustrations. And I’m glad for this. I think it’s healthy for someone to have an outlet, a place they can turn to pour their heart out and find support. God knows I use my website to sort out my own thoughts and feelings.

Not only can we relate to fear and sadness and isolation and dysphoria being anything but non-cisgender brings, I think we can all relate to the absolute sheer joy of a dress that fits. The elation that we feel when we see a reflection of who we are in a mirror.

And yes, it might be a little shallow but that is okay. You are allowed to be happy when you add a new pair of stilettos to your wardrobe. You don’t need permission to daydream about the lingerie that you ordered.

If life isn’t about celebrating beauty or acknowledging what makes you happy, what is it about?

Celebrate this side of you. Embrace this side of you.

I admit I feel guilty when I tweet a photo of myself that I like and then scroll through my timeline and see tweets from my friends about anti-trans laws being passed across the country or stories of girls like us being harassed or worse.

It makes me feel shallow. Like I should be using my voice for a greater good.

But I also feel that it’s acceptable to say “yes, it’s okay if you love clothes, if you love feeling beautiful.” The world is a difficult place for a lot of us. It’s okay and it’s important to bring beauty to it.

In a world that hates us, loving yourself is the most rebellious thing you can do. In a world that wants us to go away, strutting through the mall en femme is an act of defiance.

Be you. Love yourself. Buy that dress.

Love, Hannah

5 thoughts on “Rebel, Sweetheart

  1. absolutely great words, we are normal people, but we have a feminine side of us that would like to come out and be happy, free and show our feminine side and how pretty we can be. society is the one thing they have to learn to adjust and let us cross dresser show our feminine side and beauty. real woman cross dress like men and nothing is said to them so why are we different? i just bought a new nice pretty dress from amazon and cannot wait for it to come in, also bought 2 bottles of design perfume one for the wife and one for me but it is for Xmas


  2. dlgeb,
    Please no ‘buts’.
    … we are normal people with a feminine side …

    Black Friday was a great day to buy gifts for the feminine ide of us. I got some otk boots and a velvet bodysuit.


  3. I am normally a thrift or consignment shopper for my femme wardrobe but occasionally I will splurge on something that really checks the boxes for me. I’m so excited for the en femme event I’m attending next Saturday that I bought a new dress that is totally pink and princess. I’m going to feel so graceful, delicate and pretty I can scarcely contain myself! I love my feminine spirit!


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