My Favorite Things

My little website can get a little introspective and intense at times and sometimes I forget that is a site that celebrates femineity.

So! As a bit of a break from the recent heavier stuff, let’s talk about the things I love about my femme side. This is going to be pretty superficial and shallow, so be warned, lol.

High Heels!

Strappy stilettos, kitten pumps, thigh high boots… it’s intoxicating how much you can communicate through your shoes.


You can match your panties to your bra, underdress every single day, or just wear something pretty to wake up in. Like dresses, I have panties for every single occasion.


Strapless, push-up bras, bras with inserts for forms… one of the most feminine items a girl like us can wear.


Lingerie has a reputation for bring impractical but it’s not true. A corset solves so many of my problems, lol. Lingerie is also my favorite way to feel sexy.


Thigh highs! Fishnets! Garter belts! Seamed stockings!


Like your heels, your makeup can communicate anything you wish. Intense or subtle, you can say volumes without parting your lips.


I can wear a pencil skirt, a mini skirt, a skater skirt, a leather skirt…


This girl owns a zillion dresses. Brunch, wedding reception, New Year’s Eve party, running errands, girls night out… I have the perfect dress for whatever life throws at me.

Did I miss anything? What are your favorites?

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. I 100% agree and identify with your thoughts. I love my femme side and always have (been dressing for many years). I do not pull it off as well as you but in my mind I am a beautiful sexy woman. Also I love your writing it never ceases to lift me up and helps me to feel good


  2. Hannah,

    Vew and read your bLOG on a daily basis and agree with most of your observations DO NOT disagree with anything you say or feel.

    I love the feeling of becoming my inner female when dressing. Often start with a simple top, then lipstick and some blusher and soon find myself advancing the image and self awareness and every element reinforces my choice and enjoyment of entering the world of the female with all its delights including being surrounded by a faint scent of an
    Elizabeth Taylor Perfume favorite being WHITE DIAMONDS.

    When I hit that point I do not hesitate in grabbing a Wrap, or Coat and my favorite purse, the house keys and taking a walk or rusing through an nearby upscale Department Store. Totally comfortable and relaxed.
    Ending this little GIRL adventure with a cup of TEA and strawberry crousaint.

    TO ALL have a wonderful YEAR.
    Marie Anne Greene

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  3. My utmost favorite thing is really a favorite moment, when I have completed my makeup, shake out my wig, run my fingers gently through it and draw it in place, front back and sides. Then look up into the mirror and see myself, that is my favorite and most complete self 🙂

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  4. For sure most types of lingerie for me, especially bras and panties.
    I love skirts and cute summer shorts as well.
    Tall boots are great as well and plus a cute blouse that just screams feminine for me


  5. Wow. Here I was, about to castigate you (nicely) for using “femineity” instead of “femininity”, only to discover that “femineity” actually IS a real word. Not one I’ve ever heard, or that looks right, but one with a dictionary entry and everything. That’s my new thing learned for the day! 🙂
    Amanda Hawkins

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  6. Enjoy your pictorials and sharing your thoughts. My imagination soars with your thoughts and presentations. Only to walk in your foot steps with the adventures you take on. All the best in the new year.


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