I Have a Question

Just… throwing something out here.

IF I were to do a video series about, well, all (or just some) of this, what would you like to see?

I spent way too much time on this stupid image

I have resisted doing video for a lonnnnng time but every once in a while I think a question that I am asked would be better answered with, well, a demonstration.

Thanks to the magic of the internet it’s usually pretty easy to find a video that shows how to change a tire or how to bake a pie or how to apply makeup.

But! What about videos about how to do things en femme?

And I am not talking about how to shingle a roof in stilettos, but more along the lines of what is it like to get a bra fitting? What does a conversation with a makeup artist sound like? How in the world does someone put on a corset?

I know this isn’t an entirely original idea but I still think it would be fun. I’m sure there are other t-girls out there doing something along these lines.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

This would be a huuuuuge strut into a new world for me. I mean, ya’ll would finally hear my voice, lol.

Love, Hannah

13 thoughts on “I Have a Question

    1. I agree with us. Many gurls are nervous/scared to go for a fitting. Seeing how easy it really is may encourage more to do so. There’s nothing so good as wearing a comfortable, properly fitting bra!

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  1. Anything you are comfortable with would be helpful and I must imagine great to see. Personally I am challenged with my movement and I still have not found my voice. You have encouragement from me.


  2. Hi. Long time reader, first time poster, here. I am of opinion videos would be amazing. Videos I would like to see:
    – Bra fitting experience
    – Make up tips
    – General tips on transformation
    – How to hide your manly facial/body hair

    I am noob at cross-dressing and admire how feminine you look. I am always curious how you did it. And yes, you have said many times, “time and money”, but how to would be nice.

    Thank you for your blog and the continuous inspiration.


  3. I would like to see on how makeup is applied if your makeup artist would be part of it. That is probably the number 1 problem we all have.


  4. I think for a video? Anything you want! Hearing your voice would be worth the price of admission… This has always bothered me for a longtime you see a lovely Trans person and I have met a few during my short stint as a drag queen. They look like a million dollars, but when they speak? their voice sounds like a tug boat in the harbor! I’m sure you have a pleasent voice.


  5. I think videos can be helpful
    Makeup tips are always a good one since most of us didn’t get an early start on that when we were teens.
    Bra fitting would be interesting too, I’m not sure I will ever do one of those but still interesting
    Also hiding some of our tells would be good too.
    I know we can’t hide them all but some advice on what you do


  6. Well for me I’d like to see the way women do things ~ stepping off a pavement, getting into a car as a passenger, holding a drink, carrying a purse, how to point something out, how to touch you jewellery ~ lots


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