My Comment on Comments

I am always stretched pretty thin between this website, the MN T-Girls, social media, photo shoots, and future projects. And! I have allll the responsibilities of my boy life, too. Goodness it gets exhausting.

There’s a lot I do that is, I suppose, behind the scenes. Photo shoots, T-Girl events, and projects just don’t happen. They can sometimes take months to plan… and then there are the plans that just fall through that I don’t write about.

This website is a result of a lot of unseen work. It takes a long time for me to write an article, even the shorter ones. Managing activity on the site, both on my end and from comments a post might inspire can be time consuming. I delete a lot of spam comments as well as a lot of very sexually explicit messages. Luckily I am able to delete many of these comments before most readers see them. What becomes tricky is if I am not near my laptop or if I am asleep and a comment goes live I am not able to delete it as quickly as I would like to.

I really like seeing you all interact with each other in the comments. I think community is so so so important, especially for girls like us.

Sometimes the comments go off the rails. Sometimes they are in very poor taste. Sometimes they are transphobic. Sometimes a comment can be completely unhinged. Sometimes these comments are, well, threatening.

I hate deleting comments. I rarely do delete them, to be honest. Since this website launched in August of 2016 I have only deleted 13 of them. Considering there has been over 5.6k comments since the site began I like to think that number of deleted comments is relatively low. And! Some of those deleted comments were duplicate/double posts so I am not sure if those count.

I also hate closing comments on posts but it’s happening more often than I would like.

I have made the decision to modify how comments are posted. It used to be that once someone had one comment approved, then ALL of their future comments would be automatically approved.

Not anymore. And I’m sorry.

All comments will need to be reviewed before they are approved.

I don’t anticipate declining many comments, however. I am not only going to approve comments that I agree with, for example. I think I’m pretty clear where I stand on some issues and I’ve avoided overly political and decisive posts for a while now, but sometimes the comments veer off in that direction anyway even if the post has nothing to do with politics.

My biggest regret in all this is that I think people might not comment as much as before.

But it’s all gotten to be too much. I’m sorry.

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “My Comment on Comments

  1. Hi Hannah,
    Greetings from a rather dark South Africa ! When are you going to visit us girl ?
    Please remember to bring scented candles !
    Love you !


  2. I appreciate moderation of comments to exclude hostile, vulgar and hateful statements. I think you are wise to filter out these sorts of things.


  3. I had to introduce moderated comments as I was getting too much spam, and a few “inappropriate” comments coming up. It doesn’t require much time but pays off in not offending readers.

    I must admit in general I would like more engagement with readers, so don’t knock it!


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