Save the Date!


So, the MN T-Girls are marking our ten year anniversary this November. I’ve been wanting to plan something fun and big and glamourous and I know many of you who don’t live in Minnesota said they would be interested in booking a trip to celebrate with us.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, November 18th. I have rented a private space that is adjacent to a nightclub in Minneapolis. Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

I am also trying to raise donations to help offset the rental cost of the space. More on that to come!

So! If you’d like to fly in for the event, please email me at

Please bear in mind that all travel expenses/arrangements/transportation aren’t anything I can assist with. This is not a convention or anything like that and I am not going to be able to reserve a block of hotel rooms, for example. This is just a fun evening of glam and an excuse to visit Minnesota in November, lol. I MIGHT also arrange for a second event, such as meeting up for shopping or coffee the day before or the day after…

Hope you can come!

Love, Hannah

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