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I’m a older male that’s a crossdresser and on hormones . I feel bad because I’m over weight and looks are not so good neither . I would like to address doing make up to look more fem. Also help with types of clothing. I can’t coordinate colors.

Looking a certain way (and in this instance, presenting femme) comes down to an individual perspective. Looking femme is different from person to person.

Having specific goals (if you will) is helpful.

What I mean is that when I sit down for a makeover with an artist that is different than my usual artist I am almost asked “what are we doing today?”.

What they are asking is what kind of look am I going for. If I tell them that I want to look as feminine as possible, well, that doesn’t help at all.

Instead I’ll say things like:

I would like some contouring to create a rounder face

I would like to minimize my jawline

I would like very dramatic eyeshadow/eyeliner to draw attention to my eyes

I would like a very bold lipstick and for my lips to be overdrawn a little

The makeup artist now knows exactly what I want and what they are going to do.

If you want to look femme, fabulous, I can absolutely relate. But what does femme presentation mean to you? Is it a super bright pink dress? Is it a cute hoodie and leggings to blend in at the mall? Is it dramatic makeup? Are you looking for a more subtle look?

Think about what you want. Think about about femininity means to you.

I imagine that being on hormones will help you with shaping your appearance.

As for clothes… coordinating colors is tricky for me. I tend to wear dresses so matching colors for a blouse and a skirt isn’t something I have to do very often. When I do wear separates I tend to stick with two guides:

–Select my skirt OR top first. If the top or skirt is a color other than black (such as a pattern or a print) then I will almost always pair it with something black. In this photo I have a black top so I have a tan skirt.

Here is the opposite look with a patterned bodysuit and a black skirt:

–The other guiding star are mannequins, to be honest. Sometimes I would never think (or be brave enough) to pair colors or patterns with each other but when I see it on a display I get a better idea how it looks. Stana actually posted something today that you might helpful.

Our femme presentation is more than just the outfit. It’s what we feel comfortable in, what we feel cute in, what we feel sexy in, what we feel confident in, and what we feel beautiful in. I have surprised myself by feeling cute in an outfit that, believe it or not, ISN’T a dress or a skirt.

Femininity isn’t a dress size or an hourglass figure. Women are every shape and size and every girl is beautiful. If you do plan on changing your diet or exercise routine, please have a conversation with your doctor first.

And be gentle on yourself. Please.

Love, Hannah

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3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Hi my biggest suggestion is watch lots of YouTube. There are many many videos from both cis and transgender women that will help you with makeup. You can even take some of their ideas then go have a make over, Ulta and Sephora are very transgender friendly. They will be happy to teach you. This can be terrifying and exciting at the same time.

    I am overweight myself. There are lots of beautiful clothing options that work with my body. A lot of this is really trial and error.

    Good luck and just have fun.


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