St. Cloud Pride


Community has always been essential for anyone that identifies as LGBTQ+. It’s somewhat frustrating to acknowledge that support and friendship and solidarity is just as crucial now as it was fifty years ago. One would hope that acceptance of us would be more widespread than it was decades ago.

A few years ago I had great ambitions to post different resources across the United States for support/social groups on my website. I backed off from this as I realized just how much time this would take but also because there were other sites that were doing this better than I was.

But since I live in Minnesota I want to at least highlight what my state has to offer.

A reader pointed me towards St. Cloud Pride. Saint Cloud is one of the larger cities here and is about an hour from the Twin Cities. Depending how fast you drive, I suppose.

There are regular events, such as community picnics and a lot of resources for our cute little community.

Love, Hannah

2 thoughts on “St. Cloud Pride

  1. Good to hear……and I love that you share the info you find. I have a fair amount of relatives in St. Cloud. Oh, and I really like the outfit you are wearing in the above picture,,,,,,


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