Help Me, Hannah!, Episode Two!


The second episode of “Help Me, Hannah!” was posted yesterday!

Hannah McKnight on our YouTube channel! Hannah’s new series Help Me, Hannah! just launched and she’ll be a regular on our channel spreading joy, help and wisdom as she always does. Watch the second episode and subscribe to our channel! Watch Now>>

This is a webseries that I am doing with En Femme. You can see the first episode here.

This was shot on the same day as the first video so the issues wrought by the uncooperative microphone are still there. We will be shooting the next three videos later this month and we will have the sound stuff resolved by then.

Personally I think this video is a little better than the first and I think you can see that I am a little more comfortable compared to the previous one. I expect my nerves to continue to calm down as we keep making them.

If you have a suggestion for “Help Me, Hannah!” please let En Femme know!

Love, Hannah

One thought on “Help Me, Hannah!, Episode Two!

  1. I won’t presume to offer advice on a technical level. The content was interesting, particularly for those of us who live within the transgender spectrum. And its quite fun to see a fully animated version of a person we’ve only known in stills.


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