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I’ve been a CD privately for a number of years and I think I am ready to come out and express outwardly my feminine self. I am mature (75yo) what would you suggest would be age appropriate in my presentation of my feminine self. Thank you for your response would be appreciated.


Two thoughts come to mind:

  1. Wear whatever you want

This isn’t very helpful.

My second thought is very dependent on what your, ah, goals are.

What I mean is that when I am out en femme I think about what I am doing that day and how I want to, hm, interact with the world. Essentially I dress for the occasion… be it going to the theatre or meeting a friend for coffee.

A common goal for us is to, well, blend in. I try to wear something that is appropriate, or, at the very least, an outfit that is not completely out of place for what I am doing or where I am going. I don’t try to blend in… but that doesn’t mean I will go out of my way to stand out.

What I mean is people are going to notice a t-girl that is over six feet tall. Flats won’t help at all when it comes to blending in. So, I may as well wear heels. If I am going to be tall I may as well be REALLY tall. Many girls wear cute leggings and comfy shoes while they spend the day at the mall. Now, I COULD do the same and I MIGHT blend in a LITTLE but I know that I WON’T. Again, six foot tall t-girl here. I’m not blending in. So, I wear what I want.

But! I still don’t want to look out of place. Most girls at the mall aren’t wearing stilettos and a bodycon dress. But that outfit is not necessarily out of place. A floor length gown? Yes, that is out of place.

If your goal is to blend in a little, then my suggestion is to look at what other women your age are wearing and plan an outfit that is similar to that.

Of course, it should be an outfit you want to wear. Be true to yourself.

Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I see so many Crossdressing late in life , where for years they resisted, but now in their senior years they just have to crossdress to feel the way they have always felt . Being a senior myself I see it’s possible to resist dressing enfemme for protective / religious reasons , but the resisted feeling is always there and the need to feel and dress transfeminine is forever.

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  2. Hannah,

    Just my thought on being over six foot and blending in. When I was out dancing in 3+ inch heels I didn’t see anyone else on the crowded dance floor taller than me. I really stood out. But when I switched to flats there were others as tall or taller. Including a couple of women. Yes, they were likely wearing heels, but still, I think that I was blending in more in flats than one might imagine. And, my feet thanked me. 🙂

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