Mom’s Lipstick

I usually don’t repost what I put on Twitter but I thought we could all relate to this.

When I was little I watched my mom apply her lipstick. I wanted some too. She told me boys don’t wear makeup. Her views on gender have evolved since then and I always think of her when I put lipstick on. Happy Mother’s Day to her and to every mom who raised a nonbinary child

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Mom’s Lipstick

  1. Hannah,
    Your relating your story with your watching your mom apply lipstick reminds me of my fond memory (at the age of 5) of watching my my mom as she called it, “Putting my face on” I just watched but didn’t realize it would have a profound beginnings of my cross dressing and my feelings of embracing my being the woman within… as eventually I tried on my mother’s girdle with garters and nylons… and her satin slip … I guess I was hooked and 65 years later, I continue to dress lol thank you for listening


  2. Oh , this brings back a wonderful memory of when I was 4 years , old slipping into Mom’s pantyhose secretly and Cherishing her heels .. Remembering this now , this was my realization of the beginning of my consummated trans-womanhood which I was supposed to be ashamed of and I am still required to deny my Her She-self . I crave but don’t have a closet full of dresses , heels and wigs and I crave being schooled in properly applying makeup so as to present as a attractive sensuous woman .At the Seaside one day , I so craved to be in a flowing pretty cotton dress and comfy wedge heels I was accepted and consummated as Seas , a lady inside .


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