From Makeup Brushes to Paint Brushes!

This weekend was the monthly event for the MN T-Girls and it was something we’ve never done before as a group… we took a painting class!

A small group of us spent a rainy Saturday afternoon with Terri Berg who teaches painting for groups and parties. She was very patient and just super fun to spend time with.

The life of a girl like us is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and this weekend was no different. It was fun trying something new and I reallllly want to do this again soon!

Love, Hannah

One thought on “From Makeup Brushes to Paint Brushes!

  1. Reading this post about MN-TGirls and seeing genuine friendships with girls who understand , ( It seems like kind of a soulmate connection ), Why do I Crave to have this kind of friendship, even if it’s just online ? I guess it’s because it feels so wonderful to have friends on the same exact wavelength .


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