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In the beginning, to save a little money did you alter some of “his” clothes to be your clothes? If you did how did you go about finding a person to do that for you? There are quite a few of “his” things that I would like to be turned into mine.

This is something I never considered. I don’t think many “boy clothes” have any feminine potential in them, if you follow. But! I’m intrigued by your idea and I would love to hear about this in the comments.

I would imagine a seamstress or tailor could alter clothes for you. I had a gown altered about ten years ago when I lost a little weight. When I lost even more the dress was too big yet again. I should get it altered once more. I love that gown. I found a seamstress through google. I called a few places and told them I needed a dress altered. Through these conversations it became clear to them that I (with my boy voice and all) would be the wear of the altered dress… which opened the door to whether or not the seamstress was comfortable with someone like me.

Were I to get a dress altered now I would still call around and preface the request with “Hi, I’m a transgender girl and I’d like to have a dress altered. Is this something you could help with?” If they hang up on, well, fine. I wouldn’t want to spend that time and money on someone who isn’t LGBTQ+ friendly.

To your point, THIS side of me is expensive. Spending $50 on a dress to wear for a few hours which might never be worn again does indeed add up. It’s also frustrating to spend $12 on a pair of stockings which get snagged the first time putting them on.

But crossdressing takes time, money, and patience.

When I first had the opportunity to buy my own clothes (either from getting my drivers license and being able to go where I wished or getting my first apartment), I started with thrift shops. Clothes there were more affordable which gave me a chance to try different looks and different styles. Of course, back then this side of me was all about lingerie so most of my money went towards panties and bras and I didn’t really start buying “real clothes” until about fifteen years ago.

Love, Hannah

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  1. I know that there is at least one seamstress in the Twin Cities that is actively supporting the trans, and larger LGBTQ+, community. Let me know if you want the info. Maybe even an article for or about them.


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