The Pearl of Africa


I just watched the trailer for ‘The Pearl of Africa’, a powerful documentary about Cleo, a transwoman in Uganda who is fighting for LGBT rights.

Last week I had no fear of putting on a new dress and walking down the street, tomorrow night I will be doing the same.  I do this without (much) fear, but it doesn’t take much to realize how lucky we are.  What we have is owed to the generations of transpeople who came before us.  Years from today, generations will acknowledge the efforts we’re making now.  But the fight for tolerance is a slow one, and it begins somewhere.

The fight for these rights is the story of Cleo.

You can watch the trailer here.

More about the film is below:

Amsterdam – 17 November 2016 Feature-length documentary The Pearl of Africa by Director Jonny Von Wallström, is a standout among the many world premieres this year at IDFA 2016. This film is a touching and romantic story about the inspiring trans woman Cleo, who is fighting for the LGBTI rights in Uganda, a country known to be one of the world’s most transphobic places.

A world acclaimed story about love, hate and being transgender
The Pearl of Africa is an intimate story about the Ugandan trans woman Cleopatra Kambugu’s life, born as a man – transitioned into the woman as she knows she was born to be. This is a intimate love story about Uganda’s trans pioneer and her struggle to be accepted for who she really is.

The film is a unique portrayal of the Ugandan LGBTI society which focuses on love rather than activism. The film takes us on an emotional journey where Cleo travels to Thailand to have her sex reassignment surgery. A documentation of a couple going through their most difficult time. Through an intimate single character perspective and beautiful cinematic visuals, that leaves nobody untouched.

Love, Hannah

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