Saturday Nights are T-Girls Night!


Yesterday the MN T-Girls had our monthly outing.  Every few months we get together at the Townhouse, Saint Paul’s oldest LGBTQ nightclub.   When a t-girl is ready to go out, the Townhouse is usually one of the first place we go…it certainly was one of mine!

It was a small group, just six of us and we had a nice evening enjoying some drinks and girl talk, chatting about everything from makeup to shoes to family.

As I looked around the table I reflected about although it was small group at the moment, I was amazed at how many of us are out there and how alike we are.

We all go through the same experiences, whether family members not quite understanding or accepting us, or the challenges with finding heels or the thrill of an amazing makeover.  We are lucky to find others like us.  I know many of us have felt like we are the only ones in the world who do what we do, but we’re not.  You are not alone, and never have been.  We all know how we feel, we all know how each other feels,

It was wonderful catching up with some old and fabulous friends.

Love, Hannah


One thought on “Saturday Nights are T-Girls Night!

  1. Hannah, Thanks for the nice write-up on your evening out with the girls. Sounds like it was wonderful. I truly wish I could have joined the group. The things you said are so true and we need to hear them said so we know we are not alone. By the way you looked fantastic! -susan


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