Little Black Dress

This is the final set of pictures from my most recent photoshoot with the fabulous Shannonlee.

About seven years ago, when I made the shift from under-dressing to actual clothes, I was drawn to evening wear and beautiful gowns.  I was, and still in love with flowing evening gowns…but dresses like that are rather expensive so when I started building my wardrobe I started with little black dresses.  I was insecure and timid when I started to wear dresses and black is a pretty forgiving (and slimming) color.  It was a few years before I felt confident to wear bold colors and patterns.

At one point I owned about a half dozen LBDs but when I lost weight I dropped a few dress sizes and they didn’t fit anymore.  I think this is the only black dress I have in my wardrobe these days.

I hope you like these photos.  Shannonlee did an amazing job of capturing a side of me I always wanted to see.  Thank you for indulging me over the past few weeks as I showed what may have seemed like an endless stream of photos.  🙂

Love, Hannah




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