National Coming Out Day


Today is National Coming Out Day and I wanted to congratulate everyone who has bravely come out to someone in their life.  Who we are is not easy to explain or understand.  Sometimes I think we have a hard time understanding this ourselves…but we still know who we are.

When we are ready to come out, we open up to different people in different ways.  Sometimes it goes wrong,  sometimes it’s anti-climatic, sometimes they already knew, and sometimes we just have a hard time explaining ourselves to others.  Sometimes this is a conversation that takes months, sometimes the person we come out to never wants to discuss this ever again.

If you’ve come out to someone, what has worked?  What did you say that describes who you are so perfectly that the other person understands exactly who you are?

Love, Hannah



One thought on “National Coming Out Day

  1. I came out to my wife in June 2016. It was a little awkward for a couple of days while we BOTH processed and re-evaluated what it could mean for our future. I told her that I felt very strongly that I needed to dress up in women’s clothing and how it made me feel. Over the next couple of weeks my wife helped me pick out various pieces of underwear and even tells me how pretty they look.


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