Let’s Smoke it Up (Your Eyes, That Is)!

Corrie Dubay is a makeup artist extraordinaire and owner of Midwest Makeup Supply and Femme Makeovers  She is a friend and hero to girls everywhere.  She is beyond talented.
Corrie has a newsletter that she sends out with helpful makeup tips like these and is reprinted here with her permission.  I am certain you’ll find this useful!  You can sign up for her newsletter here.
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School is back in session!! Dig out your notebooks and pencils. Today we’re going to learn about the Smoky Eye – a classic look that never goes out of style!! A+ and bonus points for anyone who sends me photos (for my eyes only) of their work (makeovers@midwestmakeupsupply.com)!


XOXO from your favorite makeup guru,

(See…even Pennywise loves a good smoky eye!)

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A Smoky Eye Can Fix Everything!

What is a smoky eye?? Well – in the simplest form – a smoky eye is shading and smudging an eye pencil or eye shadow into and along the upper and lower lash lines. However….if you ask 10 people what a smoky eye is, I’d bet my favorite lipstick you’ll get 10 different answers…and none of them would be wrong.

I’m going to cover how I personally like to do a smoky eye – which will be a little more than just shading the lash line. I mean come on…if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it!  Let’s go!

Here are the tools and products you’ll need to do your smoky eye. And please remember – this is MY version so you can do any variation of it you wish. The concept will be the same – it’s just how dramatic you decide to take it (less dramatic for day-time wear, more dramatic for night-time wear, etc.). Also – please note that you can easily swap out colors….the whole idea behind the smoky eye is the dark, shaded lash line/lid – so feel free to play with the color.

1. Eye primer
2. I’m using three eye shadows (dark purple, light grey and black – and I realize the colors don’t translate well on the screen but you get the idea).
3. Eyeliner pencil in black
4. A fluffy brush, a tiny smudge brush and a short bristle fluffy brush
5. Mascara

1. Start by applying your eye primer to your entire lid. Then, lightly dust your lightest shade all over the lid using your large fluffy brush.

2. Using your smaller fluffy brush, apply the darker color to the outer corner of the eye, up to the crease and blend out. I prefer to keep the inner corner and middle part of the lid a little lighter and brighter (it keeps my eyes more open looking). Darkening the entire lid would produce a more dramatic look. If you have more hooded eyelids (like I do), it could close your eye down a little (or make them appear smaller). I also will come in with my tiny smudge brush to keep the color more concentrated in my crease the closer I get to the inner corner of my eye (keeps the crease and color application precise).

3. Next, take your small smudge brush and darken the outer corner with a little bit of black. Then smudge a tiny bit on the lower lash line as well (this is important for the smoky look).

4. Take your black liner pencil and line the upper and lower lash line. Think of it as working the liner into your lash line – we want to create the illusion our lash line is thick and full. Once you get your liner on, take your tiny smudge brush and smudge it in. Again – important for creating that smoky look.

5. Apply several (thin) coats of mascara – and/or, add false lashes. Click here for step-by-step instructions on false lash application.

6. Take one last look and touch up any eye liner or darken the shadow if you wish. Once I have my lashes or mascara on, I do usually like to darken the liner a little bit and/or add a little more smudgy-ness to the lower lash line to create a little more intense drama….because…why the hell not?!?!

And there you go!!! A quick, step-by-step tutorial on how to create a smoky eye. As a quick recap:
~ A smoky eye is just shading the upper and lower lash line – but I like to give it a bit of a bump and take it to the crease (or beyond).
~ Play with color! Concept is the same just swap out your light and dark with different colors (light grey/dark grey, light blue/dark blue…you get the idea!)..but I always like to have a black handy just in case I want to give it that extra push in to the dramatic.
~ Practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. And don’t forget – it’ll more than likely look like a HOT mess until you finish….most makeup applications do!
~ It’s makeup…HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!! 😀
Until next time, darlings. Kiss kiss.

Be sure to visit Corrie’s newly updated website for more info and updated services.

Questions or want to request an appointment? Email her at: makeovers@midwestmakeupsupply.com

Be sure to check www.femmemakeovers.com for more info.

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