Trans Visibility Event

If you are in the Twin Cities area, I encourage you to participate in a trans visibility even this weekend.  Details below!


Trans folks & allies, does anyone else just want to stand out in public with each other, in a never ending line and be seen? Not a protest, per se but a trans visibility event.
We could hold signs simply saying something like:
“I’m trans and I exist” 
Allies can hold signs saying something like:
“Someone I love is trans and they/she/he/ze exist”
Let’s do it on Sunday, October 28th at 12:00 noon! Starting at Chicago Ave & Lake Street in Minneapolis, shoulder to shoulder, standing on the curbs, not blocking traffic, with our signs. Let’s see how far we can stretch this line. Can we make it all the way down Lake Street, over the bridge and down Marshall Ave into St. Paul? Let’s try!
Bring your own signs, warm clothes, a chair if you need it and ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! It’s a time to stand together and be visible. Please invite all your local friends, families, contacts. Please post on your profiles, pages, groups. Let’s do this!
Love, Hannah

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