Meet the Twin Cities Teen Behind a New LGBTQ Rights Bakery: It Gets Batter


From City Pages

Lily’s no stranger to volunteering. Her family is involved with the Sheridan Story, a Roseville-based nonprofit that works to combat hunger, and once a month her school does assorted charity work.

“I wanted to start a charity for a while,” the 14-year-old tells City Pages. “And lately I’ve been focusing a lot on LGBTQ rights.”

She says she’s concerned, like lots of young people, about President Trump’s plans to roll back protections for trans and queer folks. It goes beyond her love of Drag Race—Lily has LGBTQ+ family members and friends—and she wanted to find a way to put her newfound love of baking to use for good.

More information about Lily’s bakery here!

Love, Hannah

One thought on “Meet the Twin Cities Teen Behind a New LGBTQ Rights Bakery: It Gets Batter

  1. Hanna,
    I know I don’t pass when I go out dressed. I also have large Hands and broad shoulders. But for the most part, I have been treated well by salespeople and other customers. Being called Mam or Hon on several occasions. It is a real thrill to walk in the mall in heels and hose and not be stared at. I only wish more people could accept those of us who are Trans and realize that we are normal and want to live and let live. I enjoy reading your blog.


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