The Littlest Black Dress!

The holiday season is always better when you can attend a holiday party, and what’s more classic (and sexy) than a little black dress?

I found this amazing dress at a thrift store.  The zipper needed to be replaced and it cost more to do that than the dress itself.  It fits like a dream.

This is the final set of photos from the MN T-Girls recent photo shoot!   Hope you like it!

Photography by Shannonlee.

Makeup by Ana at Rita Ambourne.

Love, Hannah

Littlest Black Dress 1Littlest Black Dress 2Littlest Black Dress 3Littlest Black Dress 4Littlest Black Dress 5

7 thoughts on “The Littlest Black Dress!

  1. Classic and beautiful LBD, Hannah! I’ve just bought myself a new long sleeved sparkly metallic LBD for First Event (T conference in MA). I’m excited!


  2. Absolutely stunning Hannah I love LBD’s I just need to get rid of my belly and then I can join you in a photo shoot.
    P.S. You look so Gorgeous in that dress


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