ForHer… and for Him


Not too long ago I posted about a CEO from Victoria’s Secret saying some pretty hurtful and ignorant things about transwomen.  I have resolved to stop shopping there and many of you have asked for alternatives when it comes to lingerie and bra fittings.  I live to serve.

I posted about ThirdLove and will continue to highlight trans-friendly options when it comes to shopping.  A reader recently let me know about HerRoom and I was happy she did.  Not only do they have beautiful lingerie, but they also have a very comprehensive section dedicated to helping everyone find their perfect fit.


If you go to their ‘fitting room’ tab, you’ll see they have guides for finding your measurement for lingerie for those of us who have a more… male shaped body.


I hope this is helpful!  If you are aware of anywhere you like to shop, whether online or at the mall that goes out of their way to help our community, please let me know!

Love, Hannah

5 thoughts on “ForHer… and for Him

  1. HerRoom has a nice selection of all sorts of under and outerwear. I recently picked up a wonderful pair of Ralph Lauren leopard print PJ’s! The only negative for some folks would be that they have taken to packaging your items in a bag that has their name emblazoned on it along with something about lingerie… :-0


  2. Yes, discrete packaging would be nice, wouldn’t it? Not just for transfolk, but in general. And Hannah, THANK YOU for your posts on trans-friendly shopping options. Now that I’m on HRT, I’m in that awkward stage of trying to figure out what fits for me. Knowing what the local and online options are is extremely helpful!


  3. HerRoom has been a very useful website for a decade or more. There is a special page “Lingerie Tips for Men” (use Google to find it as the HerRoom website does not provide a direct link) which has a very extensive set of reviews by men that cover the complete range of lingerie products they sell that work for men.

    Also checkout, this site is for women but very open to crossdressers. Great commentary on their attitude for selling to men. Available off their page in size information.

    I enjoy checking in on your website!



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