Incident at the Black Hart

The Townhouse Bar is probably one of the first places a t-girl in Minnesota visits.  It’s almost a rite of passage, in a way.  The bar changed owners recently and is now known as The Black Hart of Saint Paul and is meant to be a soccer bar since our new professional soccer team, The Minnesota United, will soon open their new stadium just a few blocks away from it.

A friend of mine recently visited the bar with her friend and as she was leaving, she was approached by someone who got their attention by telling them they looked gorgeous.  I’m sure they did, we ALL look gorgeous, but he came closer to them as they were trying to get into their cars.  He propositioned her and thankfully she was able to get away safely.

Needless to say she was very disturbed and frightened by what had happened.  She asked me to post her experience here so those who frequent The Black Hart can be on guard in case he returns.  This is also a reminder that we can be harassed at any time, even someplace we may visit on a regular basis.  Thank goodness she left with a friend.

I have reached out to The Black Hart so they can be aware of what happened.  If you frequent The Black Hart and something like this happens to you, please let the management know.

Be safe.

Love, Hannah




8 thoughts on “Incident at the Black Hart

  1. I had a man knock on my driver’s window as I was leaving Saturday the 12th just after midnight. I cracked the window enough to hear him. He, too, complemented me on my looks. Then asked if I could help him out, while suggestively tugging down on his waistband. He did not expose anything, and I told him I could not help him and put the window back up.

    He was shorter, maybe 5′ 6″ or so. Wild guess at in the 30’s. Possibly non-English as primary language.

    I should note that I didn’t see anyone that seemed to be paying attention to me inside, and there was no one outside on the sidewalk.


  2. I’m not entirely certain why the incident was disturbing. Obviously the tugging of the waistband was inappropriate, but people, especially people presenting as female, get propositioned all the time. While I respect and value her feelings, I am curious about why she felt threatened.


    1. I can’t speak for Evelyn, but if someone were to knock on my window and tug at their waistband I would be terrified they were going to rape me. Just because women are propositioned to it does not make it acceptable, normal, or less frightening. There was nothing about what happened to these women that is not horrifying.



  3. I had a person come to my car while I was leaving 2 halloweens ago. He was in a bad drag outfit and asked for a cigarette and talked to me a bit. As I left her went back to a 4 door sedan with another man inside. I am curtain they were police looking for a DUI. That’s why I only have one drink.


  4. I’m the one that this incident happened too. It wasn’t the being propositioned per say that terrified me. It was more the tactics that were used and the location. A man dressed in a dark hoodie(hood up) hands in his pockets appears out of nowhere and approaches me in a very dimly lit parking lot. With all the stories we hear I had no idea what his intentions were. Did not no if he had a weapon in one his hands in the pockets? I’ll just say maybe I overreacted I don’t know but it scared me and I think I had the right to be.


    1. I don’t think you overreacted. I am glad you’re safe and I’m sorry this happened. Thank you for your courage and letting me know this happened.

      Love, Hannah


  5. Erica, I see the situation much more clearly now, and I feel privileged that you shared the details and thereby enhanced my understanding. It certainly wasn’t my intention to suggest that because an activity is common, then it must be fine. Thank you.


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