Viva Las Vegas – Femme Makeovers has arrived in Las Vegas!!

CaptureI wanted to pass along a little update about Corrie Dubay’s recent move from Minneapolis to Las Vegas.  Corrie left the Twin Cities to Las Vegas recently and is getting established in a new city.  Keep up with her by subscribing to her newsletter and if you have a chance, make an appointment with her.  It will change your life!

Love, Hannah



How have you been?

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on things. We made it to Vegas!! YAY!!! As with any move, we hit a few bumps along the way but overall, for such a big move – things went rather smooth. I’ve been busy unpacking, cleaning, unpacking and cleaning some more. I’m completely over it and plan on never moving again! Haha!! Even though moving stinks…I’m really excited to be here…and am LOVING the heat!!! I don’t think it’s been below 100 during the day since we’ve arrived. Eeek!!! 😀

Any-who – I’ve been getting a handful of questions asking what the current situation is for makeovers. Right now – I am booking on-site appointments in Las Vegas (I’ll come to you) for makeovers. I haven’t found a studio space yet so am not able to do much for dress-up sessions. I am working on finding a place and will keep everyone updated as things on that front happen.

Also – for all my clients back in Minneapolis. Exciting news!!! I have been hired to work the first show of the season for Minnesota Opera and I will be in town for a month starting September 18th (returning home to Vegas October 14th). Woohoo!!!! During this time I will have a fair amount of availability for makeup sessions if anyone is interested in booking. If so – please reach out now and let me know so we can discuss possible dates and times. I hope I get to see a few of you while I’m back!!!

Alright…I’ll keep it short today – I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. If you are traveling to the Las Vegas area or have friends coming out here and want to be glammed up – please send them my way! I’d love to see them. Well…it’s nice and warm today – 104-ish – and I think the pool is calling my name. 😀


With love from Las Vegas and your favorite makeup guru,


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