Look At This Stuff, Isn’t It Neat? Wouldn’t You Think My Collection’s Complete?

IMG_0570A girl like us knows the purge.  We also know beginning again.  And again.  We accumulate heels, panties, dresses, lipsticks… the list is endless and the list is beautiful.

Once we stop purging, our wardrobe really gets serious and… well, huge.  Over the past twelve years or so, my lingerie drawer, my stiletto collection, everything grew and grew.  Every once in a while I’ll search through my drawers looking for a specific panty or the matching heel and I’ll start to marvel at how many dresses, skirts, and jewelry I own.  And I am so lucky to have what I have.


But rarely do I fully take stock of how much I have.  I recently got a new dresser and I was excited to reorganize all of my clothes.  The dresser is huge with a lot of drawers. My lingerie, bras, panties, stockings were all out of control, so I was happy that I could sort things a little better.

The dresser has six drawers and I put what I still have for boy socks and other boy stuff in one of them.  The other drawers were for panties, bras, stockings, lingerie, and leggings/camis.

Even with as many drawers as the dresser had, and as big and deep they were, it was still a tight fit.  But after all of this work, I came to a realization.

I have too many boy clothes.


Love, Hannah


8 thoughts on “Look At This Stuff, Isn’t It Neat? Wouldn’t You Think My Collection’s Complete?

  1. I, too, have never purged. I have gotten rid of items that no longer fit my body or style, not not a wholesale purge.

    I have also determined that I have too many “boy clothes”, and am working at thinning that collection.


  2. Your conclusion made me giggle. Same here – far too much space devoted to horrid boy clothes. By which I mean about a quarter of the space is for boy clothes. Sue x


  3. I have had to do the purge thing a few times in the past. I did learn that
    purging never works. The feeling just seems to come back so much stronger.
    I have known for a long time that she has always been a part of me, now there
    is no more purging, and I embrace her every day and every chance that I can.
    So much more happier these days. Any yucky boy clothes is to much.

    I love your posts and always look forward to reading something new from you.



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