Ask Hannah!

I would like you to comment on what books you have read and would recommend to others on the CD-TG experience…
As for me, I just did a re-purchase and re-read of ”My Husband Betty”, as written by her wife, Helen Boyd (pseudonym).


One of the first books that I read about girls like us was “The Lazy Crossdresser” Charlie Jane Anders.  It’s been years since I read this but I remember it had a lot of good information about makeup and presenting femme.  It was light, funny, and pretty breezy and discussed gender identity without diving too deep into the why or the deep soul searching and psychological aspect of this side of us.



614EoVmPFqL“My Husband Betty” by Helen Boyd is a very important book to read if you have a significant other.  Ms. Boyd does not pull any punches or sugarcoats anything when to comes to being married to someone like us.  She talks about the times when she went out with her spouse while they were en femme, her first reactions to seeing them in a dress…  It’s honest and sometimes hard to read as her feelings and thoughts are very similar to what our own significant others go through when it comes to girls like us.  Knowing what she’s feeling makes us remember that our partners likely feel this way too.


“Yes, You are Trans Enough” by Mia Violet is wonderfully honest and personal.  For a long time I was reluctant to identify as transgender as I felt that since I wasn’t going to transition that I wasn’t, in her words, trans enough.  But I am, and we all are, if we chose to identify that way.  This book is a reminder that there are no benchmarks we need to meet, no criteria or qualifications necessary for us to identify however we feel is right.


JKP Books publishes a lot of wonderful books when it comes to gender.  I would recommend anyone checking them out.

What’s on your bookshelf?

Love, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Hi Hannah,
    I regularly read and reread Making Faces and Face Forward by Kevin Aucoin. I’m always working on my elusive makeup skills.
    Marg Produe


  2. I would also recommend “No, Maybe, Yes” by Grace Stevens. It is an interesting look at the struggles we all go through with a slant of explaining the different aspects of our internal mental battles using a very understandable psychological construct called Integrated Family Systems.


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