Ask Hannah!

Have you thought about reposting some of your posts from your previous blog for your current website? They were fun, insightful, and likely a number of your current readers have never seen any of them. And those of us who saw them the first time (well, at a minimum, me) would love to see them from time to time.

Thanks! I’m a big fan and blogs like your previous website helped get me out the door and made my lifelong dream come true.

Thank you for your kind words!  I’m proud of you stepping out the door and I am honored to have played even a tiny part of that.

I’ve had this website for a little almost four years now, and before this one, I had another titled ‘Hannah’s Diary’ which featured daily pieces of art focusing on little observations about who we are.  This was the first:


The observations included everything from the struggles of finding heels to fit, the joy of looking pretty, the frustrations this side of us can bring, and everything in-between.  As time passed, the blog expanded to include more activism, fashion, and news, both personal and about our community.

I got to a point where the website seemed too… unfocused.  Almost as if the blog wasn’t sure what it should be.  I was also feeling a little burnt out from doing daily posts for four years, and the artwork took a lot of time.  I started to feel as if the observations were starting to repeat themselves and I wasn’t saying anything new.  It got harder to them.  I felt that instead of letting the quality of the blog as a whole deteriorate, it might be a good time to close the book on the website and start a new one.

This was one of the last drawings I did for the site:


After a few months of this website being live, I locked access to the old one.  I did this for a few reasons, but one of the main reasons was because I felt almost as if I shared too much and too much of my personal male life was on there.  Of course, many of us are wary of anything that could connect our two genders to each other, so I thought it would be safest to restrict access altogether instead of going through four years of posts and editing it.

I am honored that these posts had an impact on others.

Love, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I would support the idea of you posting an occasional cartoon. On days when you have nothing else to post on this blog it would be nice to see one from the old archives


  2. Wow! I’ve been a fan of your since almost the very beginning (I remember that you were coming out to you mom on my wedding day, so I wanted to check that night to see how it went). I miss the drawings; they were often very inspirational, and it was such a joy to see how much you grew and changed over time. But I also love what you’ve done with this blog. There are very few girls out there that I consider role models… and I’m glad you’re one of them ❤️.


  3. Like others who follow this site I “came of age” (so to speak) with your old blog. I think I followed your old site for at least 2 years before you changed to the new site. I remember looking forward to a new graphic every day because so many of them resonated so closely with my where I was at in my life. I would occasionally go back to the old site until it closed down. I would love it if you occasionally posted one of the old cartoons …. sort of a “best of” once in a while. Thanks for being here for me all these years.


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