Setting Things Straight

I keep my Twitter Direct Messages open because I love getting notes from guys where the only thing they have to say is “hi”.

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This is sarcasm.

But seriously, I do enjoy getting messages from other t-girls and making new friends.  Most messages from boys consist of pictures of their stupid penis or “WYD”.  Please stop doing these things.

Over the last week I have gotten several messages where the guy says something along the lines of “OMG ur so hot and I am straight but ur beautiful”.

So, let’s talk about this.

First of all, I am not interested in guys, even if I wasn’t married.

Secondly, Hannah is a GIRL.  If you think I am cute or whatever then you think a GIRL is cute.

If you are a boy and you think a girl is cute that is about as straight as it gets.

Telling a t-girl (t-girls are girls!) that you think she is cute despite the fact you are straight tells me that you look at t-girls as boys dressed up as a girl.  Perhaps you are not consciously doing that, but please remember that being attracted to a t-girl is being attracted to a girl.

And really, get over yourself.  Sexuality, like gender, can be fluid and complex.

I didn’t spend $70 on a makeover and dedicated years learning how to strut in stilettos for some dude to think of me as a boy.


Love, Hannah




5 thoughts on “Setting Things Straight

  1. Thank you! I’m usually not one for absolutes, but Haley is always a girl…from the way she thinks of herself to how she looks. Thanks again for sharing, I appreciate all I’m learning about myself because of you.

    Kisses, Haley😘


  2. Why, oh why, does this happen? We (T-girls) put ourselves out as girls so why are boys/men thinking we are objects of desire? We are so much more then this/that. Ask us who we are, ask us how we are. JMO – I don’t want to be defined as a fetish object, I’ve suffered abuse and violence due to being transgender. Connect with me, care for me and my sisters. It’s not hard, or maybe it is.


  3. After 25 years post transition, getting a complement like, “Oh you’re so pretty for being a man.” Is not a complement, it’s a ‘put down’ by someone that wants to bully you. These are the actions I have gotten in public places like grocery stores and even on the street. Hannah, as a lesbian myself, I think you are a beautiful lady, and I wish I were as pretty as you are. And I love not only your blog, but your activism in the Minneapolis area, thank you.

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