Skyscrapers and Stilettos

I was chatting with my friend recently about how we often feel that we are the tallest girls in the world, and wearing four inch stilettos isn’t helping.

But no one is too tall to be a girl.  And no one is too tall to wear heels.

I was blown away by her newest photo composition which perfectly portrays how I feel when I am out in the real world.  I feel tall, I feel as if everyone is looking at me, and I feel beautiful.

Minneapolis freeway

I hope you like this as much as I do.

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “Skyscrapers and Stilettos

  1. Great photoshop! I am waiting for the one where you are leaping over the overpass bridge!
    Or maybe a remake of the movie ‘Attack of The 50 foot woman’.
    Velma 😉


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