Hi, just a short update to let you know that I am okay.  The riots over the past few days have been terrifying and heartbreaking.  I am devastated over the killing of Mr. Floyd.  I am shaken to my core over the fires and looting of my city.  Neighborhoods I once lived in are destroyed.

What the news isn’t showing are the calm, peaceful demonstrations, the volunteers cleaning up broken glass and debris in the morning, and people taking care of each other.

I expect this weekend to be even more intense than what we have gone through over the last few nights.  I pray I am wrong.

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “Update

  1. I am disappointed in the way it was handle and should of not been that way, no matter what color we are we are all human. I am devastated and disappointed in the way the police handled it all, my hearts go out to the loved ones and family members who lost there brother or husband, this is why I don’t like police men or police officers. they take that badge to far. something should be done on how to handle situation better then what they did. killing someone like that did was un called for


  2. Dear Hannah, I’m so sorry to hear what’s happening in your area and I’m sorry to hear of how it is affecting you. You all deserve better. I just hope that this all ends swiftly and that some good will come. There’s a bit too much suffering in the world at present. Sue x


  3. I delivered food today to areas hit by the incidents. So many people thankful for the effort yet it would be less necessary if businesses that sold food and essentials were not burned down. Who could blame anyone watching a person killed almost gleefully by police for lashing out? I hear the pain and anguish. Hopefully they also hear our pain, our anguish, our increased suicide rate too. Trans people are people too, just like black and brown and Asian and all others are people too! We all deserve peace and sanity and quality mental health/physical health resources as well!


  4. I’m also in the twin cities and was saddened by the looting and fires. I back the peaceful protesters, let’s never forget George Floyd. Thank God you’re safe Hanna.


  5. Hannah, Thank you for the note. Uncertain and unfortunate times for sure. We look forward to your next thought provoking article.


  6. No one, I think, is supporting mob rule. The peaceful protesters vastly outnumber the violent ones, and the violence is pretty much universally condemned except by those committing it. Honestly, the mob whom trans people should fear is the mob that put Trump in the White House. For example, in the small town in which I live, a peaceful protest was planned for this weekend. The protest was canceled because all of us who were planning it have been barraged with death threats from the local “mob.” In short, no sensible person of whom I know is supporting mob rule, whether it is the mob that currently rules or the mob that racists now are complaining about.


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