Glamour Boutique Finalist!

It seems a little surreal to post about this, given what is going on in Minneapolis, around the world, but I am honored and surprised to be a finalist in two categories for Glamour Boutique‘s annual Glamour Girl contest.

Thank you to everyone who voted.  I am shocked and really feeling the love which I really need at the moment. 🙂

The first category is Newcomer and the second is Kitten (girls under 45).

I doubt I will win especially when I look at the other finalists, but this is kind of fun 😉

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “Glamour Boutique Finalist!

  1. Hi Hannah, i just subscibed , congrats on being a finalist ( you go girl ) hope to talk more soon ,, all the best .. Lee x x


  2. And why wouldn’t you win? I hope you do. This is nice news at a time of general unhappiness so I’m glad you posted this. I really hope things resolve soon in Minnesota. Sue x


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