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Makeup was one of the most intimidating and wonderful skills I’ve ever learned. Over time I learned techniques beyond just simply how to apply foundation, such as using eyeshadow primer to help lipstick stay on longer.

What are some of your favorite makeup secrets you know?

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Hannah Asks…

  1. Great question. I think for me, it’s a continued journey of learning.

    Understanding lip liner and primer certainly helped. Little things like using a brush for my lippy.

    I think the breakthrough for me was reading up and watching videos about my face shape. That helped me understand why certain techniques don’t work on my hooded eyes, and that I was doing my blusher wrong.

    It’s a learning curve. 🙂


  2. Makeup for me is a love hate thing, while I enjoy so much putting it on when I get it wrong it’s a bit disappointing.
    But I learned pretty quickly less is better as long as you get your foundation right.
    It gives you a much more natural look and that is so important when trying to blend in when out in the real world
    One thing about all this mask wearing now is you really don’t have to pay as much attention to lips, it’s now more about your cheeks and eyes


  3. One of my basic fundamentals is PROPER LIGHTING.
    The wrong shade of incandescent bulb will throw off your entire color palate.
    I recommend a ‘natural shade’ of bulb lighting, such as the GE Reveal brand.
    As an example, just look at the lighting in ULTA cosmetics store– Sizzling ‘HOT’ (frequency wise) brilliant white lighting, designed to make EVERY customer look GOOD equals increased sales!
    The last thing you want to do is do makeup under ‘cool white’ fluorescent bulbs


  4. Setting spray is a must especially if out in the heat and humidity.
    Don’t want your face to end up in your lap !!!


  5. No real secrets. Eyeliner I find irritating, then it “bleeds.” Eye shadow I haven’t mastered.

    The last five-plus months I haven’t done much makeup (when I do it’s primer, foundation, blush for cheeks, lipstick, brows, setting powder). A bit of concealer.

    A lot of laser and electrolysis over the last 10-12 years (if it isn’t scalp, brows, or eyelashes … ‘nuf said). The last few years been working on my face. With the cost, it’s been a slow process but there’s actually light at the end of the tunnel. Treatment today actually… 4 hours to do it but for the 1st time, she cleared my face excluding upper lip (still hitting that with laser).

    No – no intention of transitioning. Just don’t feel compelled to go that path. I’m a guy and I like wearing dresses and feeling pretty.

    The last 5 months half of it just ends up in the inside of the mask and the other half slightly smeared around.


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