Ask Hannah!

You say you dress en femme around twice a month! How long ( length of time ) at one period have you spent totally en femme? A week? 10 days? I am sure you want at times to remain en femme longer; I know since being en femme invigorates and encourages me to work better as a person and to feel my wonderful feminine side.

When I am en femme, it’s usually for the day, at a minimum about eight hours or so.  
And honestly that’s a perfect period of time for me.  I tend to be a bit of a homebody so being out and about drains my social battery and drains my bank account lol.

Love, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. longest stint dressed was about 6 days straight. Went on vacation to Hawaii once and that was 5 days. Flew dressed as well. It was nice.


  2. Most vacations (holidays for the anglo centric) I spend as Adeline. Longest was a seven day trip to a timeshare we have at the beach. But the most exciting/scary was a five day trip to Las Vegas, including two plane trips. Nary a problem.


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